born in columbia SC, Drew Bates was immersed into art, history, music, and culture via a Talented & Gifted student program, where he consumed the works of Walt Disney, Looney Tunes, Marvel, and DC Comics, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Jim Henson, Nintendo Video Games, Led Zeppelin, Blues & Jazz artists, H.R. Giger; all of which fueled his passion for creating stories.

Drew initially attended the University of South Carolina (USC) to study Bio/Pre-Med, but switched focus after discovering USC’s incredible Theatre Department. Complete with graduate acting, directing, scenic and costume design programs, it was the perfect place to create a foundation for a career. He got his start appearing in several student and main stage theatrical productions: Shakespeare, Eugene O'Neill, and Tom Stoppard plays were his first steps onto proscenium stages, and arena theatres.

After graduation he traveled to Atlanta, GA, Charlotte, NC, and to Screen Gems Studios in Wilmington, NC to audition for feature films, and national commercials. In 2001, Drew relocated to Los Angeles where he trained further with acting coach Gregory Berger-Sobeck, as well, audition technique at the Margie Haber Acting Studio. After becoming a quadriplegic in an unexpected automobile accident, he started learning cartoon voice over technique from actor/teacher Patrick Howard Fraley. In 2006, he formed UniquePublications LLC to utilize the skills of freelance artists, and produce unique animated concepts in Children's & Family Entertainment.

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